Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lost My Driving Wheel.....

Well,  here we are, still in La Belle France!  A quick post-script to the last posting on Sunday. The van J hired and drove over from Kent packed in about an hour from here. It's now been in a garage for two days undergoing repair/parts replacements. So we won't now be off to Spain until tomorrow morning, Wednesday. In the meantime it's been very hot here, we have boxes everywhere and are basically camping indoors. The van is, however, partly loaded, so we're ready for the roll across France and most of Spain tomorrow. Not exactly looking forward to it though!

We had a bit of a storm last night, great lightening pyrotechnics, thunder and then rain. Charlie had been around earlier in the evening, as we drank some wine out in the garden. He wandered off before the worst of the storm but came in a couple of times - noisily announcing his arrival - during the hot, sweaty hours of darkness! He's not been seen yet today, which is worrying cos I must get him into his big Varikennel travel cage with a litter tray, blanket etc., for the journey with Jack and I in the car.

I've put the camera in the car within reach but will probably forget to use it en-route.  We shall see in due course.

And that's it for now, till we get the bleeding van back from the garage:

Though I should add that the company who provided the van, which is admittedly an almost new Mercedes Luton thingy, have been absolutely useless, unhelpful and seem to believe they don't have to do anything. Fortunately our French has been adequate to cope and my background in law will, no doubt, prove helpful in dealing with them at the end. They've already been told they must come to collect the van, when empty, from us, rather than our delivering it back to their Alicante - 2.5 hour off drive - Spanish depot.  We shall see how it pans out, but so far there's been no suggestion of a fee reduction or compensation for the hassle it's caused us!

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