Friday, 22 July 2011

I'm Calling You.....

Each evening as i put down my book, say g'night to Jack & Charlie, and switch off the bedside light, a repeated sound keeps me awake for a while before I gradually drift off. I remember it well from our very first visits to the area: I's a Scops Owl with a clear, distinct whistle sort of sound:

It seems to go on for much of the night, as far as I can tell. I've tried tracking the sound from the roof terraces when it seems to move but can never manage to spot the reclusive bird. But today, I went for a wander down to the post office, bank and shop for some wine.

I took the camera with me and took some entirely random shots of the village as I walked. At one point I came across what are clearly the pellets of an owl, plus a load of feathers, all below a spreading Fig tree canopy. So, I reckon this is one of its favourite night fast-food joints, if nothing else:

Owl Pellets

Owl Roost/Fig Tree

Feathery Remains

I'll keep an eye out now that I think I know where it spends much of its time eating!

There are quite a few places where solar power is obviously being used. Strangely enough, save for a huge area of land covered in panels, to the South of Madrid, these are not as prevalent as they might/should be given the annual sunshine hours here:

For the most part the streets through the village are very narrow, steep and winding. Yet, remarkably perhaps, the locals bomb around them in their cars, vans and even trucks as if they were on a standard UK motorway. It can be quite disquieting at times, and is one of the challenges of living here - always a problem if meeting another vehicle and having to reverse in these ridiculously tight spaces:

Just behind the Fuente at the front of the house I spotted this tree, now bearing plenty of fruits:


I've no idea who might own or have the rights to this fruit but I'll be keeping an eye out and optimistically hoping for the odd fruit from a generous neighbour!

Last week, we went out for a meal one evening with friends from Yegen. En route to the bar/restaurant we passed what I initially took to be a couple of late night, wandering-free goats by the side of the road. When I mentioned it to John, who was driving at the time, he corrected me by assuring me they were more likely to be wild Ibex, a breed that is still fairly numerous here, generally on the higher ground but increasingly venturing down to easier pastures in the evenings. It's the first time I've seen these animals though I knew they were around.

When I got to the Post Office, I tendered a Euro piece for a stamp. They couldn't provide the full/correct change of 35 centimes, so I settled for 25 cents just to get my mail off today! It could only happen in Spain, I'd think!

Here is our village Barrio, Alto Barrio, seen from the lower past of the village by the church:

And our place, with the roof terrace tower to the far left of this shot:

The view back up the valley, above the village to the higher hills of the Sierra Nevada:

And the view down the valley, below the village:

And finally, I promise........the Town Hall/Ayuntamente:

A fair bit of cloud around today, but still hot.....and now also torpid, sweaty/steamy and heavy too!

J will be on her way back from Malaga Airport by now; she should be back in an hour or so. Just as well I had the foresight to get more plonk and some interesting looking Asturian Cider while out on my wanderings with Jack!  I'm still waiting for Dorin and the hoped-for Sat dish today!  Wish me luck.

Have a great weekend!


  1. That is a noise that really could get on your nerves! Less so now you know who and where it is!

    It is surprising that not enough solar power is used. It will come gradually.

    You do find lovely places!!

  2. I think you have done really well in tracking down where the Scoops Owl could be.

    What amazing wildlife you have around you. I love reading about them.

    Thanks for the interesting tour of your village.

    Sft x