Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Even If We're Just Dancing In The Dark.....

Just a quickie. We walked down into the village centre this lunch-time to post some stuff off to Sweden, pick up a few postcards and have a few beers. Temps about perfect at about 25 degrees today, blue sky, light cloud and light breeze.

Sitting outside on the bar terrace, we noticed that something odd was afoot - literally afoot. The guy who runs the place, Moises/Moyses, is at times a bit taciturn but today he was positively glowing. Tripping the light fandango, or whatever:  each time he came to the table with beers, tapas, whatever, he was smiling, humming merrily and skipping along. When asked why he was so happy today, he explained that he is taking dancing lessons.

It was amusing to see and hear. At one point he departed with my lunch plate with a 'Cha, cha, cha...'  before whirling the plate in the air as he walked/shimmied back into the bar. As the terrace filled up for lunch at about 14:00, he continued in the same vein. He's obviously enjoying himself, and his mood was contagious. Great fun all round!

We have builders working on the next door house, replacing the roof. So Charlie kept a low profile until they had packed up for the night, before returning for a very late breakfast at about 22:00. I thought it best to keep him in overnight so closed all escape hatches, doors, windows etc. At 06:00 this morning, he told me he'd had enough and wanted out. A pitiful whinny was followed by his appearance alongside my pillow, a quick thump on the nose and loud purring. I resisted for a short while before getting up and letting him out. No doubt he'll be back later as the builders are again visible.

En-route down to the bar we took these pix of the village. They are in no particular order but give a fair picture of the pueblo today:

 There's a fiesta scheduled for this weekend, it seems!
J making hard weather of the return trip uphill!!

 A real beauty. What a size. Who said size doesn't matter?!


 ....'n Peppers.....

 'n sun-dried Toms, the traditional method!

 Grapes look good

 Peaches, too

And the Figs might still be developing, a bit small but luscious when ripe!  It's not all bad down hereabouts!  Maybe time to take some dancing lessons, a big of jigging and reeling might be just what we need!  And I discovered today that there are Flamenco lessons available locally too!!


  1. Oh, what a lovely life you lead, a bit of lunchtime drinking, a walk around a beautiful village and now dancing lessons.

    I love reading your blog...esp for the escapism. I'm off now to dream....

    Sft x

  2. A definite improvement on Newport, whatever the weather!!

  3. SFT: yes, it has its strengths down here, at times! I shouldn't be so down on Spain- but after a lot of time in France, it's hard not to compare them!
    GZ: Even Llanelli's almost an improvement on Newport!!