Wednesday, 18 January 2012

'Snow As Much As We're Used To.....

Well, the snow has been ........and, I'm glad to say, largely gone! Temps are lower and there is a chill in the breeze. So, winter has arrived. Just as everyone was preparing for Spring! It snowed quite steadily and heavily (not Swedish style, where we once had blizzard conditions for 27 hours without pause!) and settled over everything. Only to disappear the next day when the sun poked its head out again. Still, mustn't grumble, mustn't grumble.

Here's the car parked down outside the front of the house:

And here's the campo behind the house:

And, finally, here's one of the roof terraces, where we usually sit and read in the sunshine:

Today we have fairly thick cloud again but, so far, no snow or rain; no doubt, there will be more snow on the higher ground. Tomorrow, we head for Granada. J to ski, me to take a guitar or two along to the Luthier for repair work. I've never visited a guitar maker's place before and I am quite looking forward to meeting the guy and having a look at his studio/workshop. Should be interesting.

Charlie was less than impressed by the snowfall: he went out for a couple of hours but returned to the warmth of the sitting-room and its wood-burner. A sensible Swede! He's back out today though, searching for tasty mice, I expect. 'Tis odd how reluctant he was to stay out in the snow, especially after his winters in Sweden when he'd be clambering around on the Birches trying to catch a feathered morsel from the feeders:

Or simply plodding home for tucker through deep stuff:

And even Jack was always up for a romp in the freezing waste:

But the snow here is of the old, as I recall, Scottish kind - wet and slushy and mushy. Whereas in Sweden it is deep and dry. And the village looked like this, for months on end!:


  1. Thanks for the photos, it looks so different in the snow!

    Sft x

  2. Charlie is probably thinking, "wrong kind of snow" !!