Sunday, 11 November 2012


Today is of course Armistice Day, a public holiday here in France and yet, curiously, not fully recognised in the UK.  In the village here, at 11:00 the church bells clanged wildly and noisily. Something that couldn't be ignored.

Later, as we drove off to visit a Brit friend nearby, we passed a church which was surrounded by recently decanted parishioners: elderly Frogs with berets, best clothes, ruddy complexions, wine-red noses, wives in finery, and medals.

Certainly makes one think.....


  1. France was occupied-I think there is the difference.

  2. We usually go to our village memorial service (couldn't go this year as double-booked) but last year, we had poppies, and explained the significance to our maire and French neighbours - and NONE of them had an inkling! Feelings still run high here and not everyone goes because someone's father denounced someone else' uncle etc - and they won't stand with them etc, etc.
    Also, we are only a short distance from Oradour-sur-Glane, the martyr village, and some of our French neighbours don't like to recall that awful time no matter how the rest of the world needs to remember.

  3. It is very touching to see these old soldiers coming out.