Sunday, 11 September 2016

Mister Bojangles, Dance.....

Had an interview with one of my own personal US music favourites on Friday, while he was vacationing here in France. I've been a huge fan of David Bromberg since first hearing him back around 1970 or so. Over the years I've managed to get a fair number of his albums and I've also caught him play a storming live set out in NC, USA. His people in USA connected me with him as they knew I wanted to talk with him about his forthcoming new album due for release in mid-October. Thankfully, they sent me a few copies and helped arrange the hook-up.

Bromberg was the guitarist with Jerry Jeff Walker's Band for many years, Walker being the guy who wrote the wonderful song 'Mister Bojangles' many moons ago. Bromberg did what is probably - and generally acknowledged to be - the definitive version of the song, though these days he tries to avoid playing it. He laughed when I mentioned it to him but in part it has earned him the title of the Godfather of Americana music out in the States. In addition to this he has co-written songs and toured and recorded with George HArrison, often plays as first-choice sideman with Bob Dylan and worked many times with the late BB King and countless others.

An Ozzie magazine wants a full feature about him as does a major US title, plus Sweden France, UK and Netherlands. Bromberg seldom does press, so I reckon I'm bound to be quids-in. He turned out to be really friendly, amusing, easy-going and interesting. I had a wonderful time chatting with him. He is a genuine US roots music icon, much loved by most in the know and most other musicians.

I leave you with Mister David Bromberg:

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