Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Food Glorious Food......

Not been on here for a bit. No bad thing really.  We were off in't England for a few days, over t'bank 'oliday, like. And enjoyable 'twere too! Save for the bleeding usual UK Bank Hols weather, of course. A tad windy, overcast and chilly at times.

We were in London followed by Kent then West Yorkshire, with Kent to finish off before I returned to La Belle France and half-decent weather again. Though it's been a bit nippy today.

J was off on a bread-making course at http://courses.thehandmadebakery.coop/.  These are held in the small, pleasant canal-side town of Slaithwaite. Or Slaw It, as the locals say! Always game to be awkward are yer Yorkies! But, I must also say, most welcoming and friendly too.  The bakery itself is a fine example of a small, community-based enterprise that has proper 'green' shoots and concerns for sustainability and local needs and concerns. Altogether, an admirable enterprise which we first heard of a few years ago when it was shortlisted for (or won)  an award by BBC Radio 4's Food Programme.

J enjoyed her day out - an early birthday pressie from me - and I walked the canal towpath in a strong wind. Luckily I managed to avoid the rainfall by stopping for lunch at 'The Moonraker', a narrowboat, self-styled a 'floating tearoom'.  Again, the locals were most friendly and helpful.

Our visit fortunately/unfortunately (delete as required) coincided with the cup final where a fairly local team were taking on the cream of northern Spain/Catalonia. The result was inevitable but not widely admired by many locals, it must be said!  As we had been staying with a friend in Kent who is a rabid MU fan, the home-coming was also somewhat fraught! 

I unfortunately forgot to take a camera, which I left in the glove compartment of the car at Poitiers airport.  So no pics from Blighty, I'm afraid.

I collected Charlie & Jack from the kennels this morning: both were glad to see me and to be released once more into the French countryside. Charlie whinnied for the entire journey home then popped in and out every few minutes as if checking to see that Jack and I were still around. When I collected him, he was huddled in the furthest, darkest corner of his caged run. It took a fair bit of persuasion to coax him out and into my hands. Let alone into his carrier thingy!

Our Brit neighbour, Frank, watered the garden and fed the Chooks in our absence. We already have a small cucumber growing together with about four/five Toms, a few small green chillis, a couple of courgettes and the first set of Peas and Beans are flowering. Amazing what such a short time brings over here in this climate!

Frank invited me over to his son's place - which is not far off - to a BBQ this evening. I completely forgot and went off shopping instead!  Most embarrassing. Hopefully, Frank will understand.

We now have a vast number of eggs awaiting inventive use. Egg Curry anyone......


  1. You have to love local pronunciations.

    My cats are exactly the same if I ever have to put them in a cattery.

  2. We often have an egg mountain and have tortilla's for lunch every day fro about a week. Most people have hens here, so we can't give them away even. Hope your wife enjoyed her bread making course - I am sure you will enjoy the results :)