Saturday, 21 May 2011

I Hate To See That Evening Sun Go Down.....

Another hot day. Yippee! But at the same time, or on the other hand - take your pick - it does get a bit wearying. All that sun and heat becomes a tad ennuient, after a while! Never thought I'd say that, or at least not since leaving Spain. And more of the same forecast tomorrow.  Oh God....what will I do?

I watered everything a bit earlier than usual last night which meant I could sit in the garden with a bottle of rouge and a book and an empty, bruised brain - a bit like my Hens, I suppose. Though they seem content - thankfully - with water!  It was a glorious, near perfect evening, in short. Not too hot, not chilly and delightful with the rabbitting of the crickets, frogs and Cuckoos, plus the harsh cackle of a Woodpecker somewhere in the distance.

Charlie elected to join me for a bit before hustling off in search of an hors d'ouvres at the appero hour:

Greedy little booger

The poor little moose gave him great pleasure for about fifteen minutes or so before he swallowed it. I almost intervened at one point. It was such a lovely little thing and made the most pitiful squeals:

Maybe next time. I've intervened many times and saved God knows how many of its brethern over the years. I'm a bit of a soft touch at times, I'm afraid!

I had a quick look over the plant life to confirm all was well and noticed a tiny - nay - a baby cucumber had raised its head:

And a couple of the Tomato plants were also bearing/showing fruit:

The Chooks were a bit reluctant to go in for the night; perhaps they too were enjoying the warmth of the evening. But eventually, as the sun faded, they wandered into their kennel! We are now getting two eggs a day and the odd shaped egg we had a few days ago turned out to be double yolker. Most satisfactory  -  and tasty to boot.

I received an emailed attachment of documents for review and editing from a friend in Switzerland this morning. They were originally drafted in German, then roughly translated/interpreted and altered by a German friend (from Sweden) into English: not a happy sight. An interesting cross-European cultural/linguistic melange, to be sure! But English? I'm afraid not! Now I'll have to set aside a day or so to deal with it for her over the coming weekend.

I also received my book on Scots Land Law from the Orkney solicitors today. I've given it a quick look and, as far as I can superficially tell, the law and processes seem to be analogous to the English system but with different terms and some archaic Scots expressions, which as a Scot, don't (yet!) cause me any problem. Certainly looks promising. And perfectly possible!

J has a day off tomorrow but must spend it in Kent. Not too bad really....could be worse. She could have still been in London, I suppose.  I myself am going over to England next week. I can't say I'm looking forward to it, though there are a few bits and bobs I could do with and so will take the opportunity to stock up a bit.

The temps in Sweden seem to be improving steadily. Today it was about seventeen degrees at its best and dry, which makes a difference because in the immediate aftermath of the snowmelt/thaw the countryside is completely sodden. It takes a good few weeks or so just to soften the ground and dry it out, usually just in time for the 23 hours of daylight we had at the summer solstice!

 A Swedish Kirk and its overnight cabins, for worshippers, in days long gone:

 Summer in Vaster Norrland:

J in the distance here, with Hamish & father in foreground, walking the ski-slope above Fun City.

Sweden is certainly beautiful, not only in summer but most of the time: 'Tis a pity, 'tis also absolutely infuriating as a state controlled monstrosity! 

I took Jack off to the hairdresser a few days ago. With the intense heat here, and his rather shaggy coat, it was much needed and - I like to think - much appreciated. Though to hear his whines as he was shampooed, clipped and groomed, you'd never think it:

Now, there Jack...that must be better.....surely!

I finally came back into the house as the sun gave its last gasp for the smouldering day:

And that's enough for me. Have a good weekend:

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  1. Methinks you are happy where you are, but missing Sweden?