Thursday, 19 July 2012

It's Only Words.....

Weather here remaining rather unseasonal - more like Wales, really: rain and wind in equal measure though it has now improved (over past few days) to normal summer stuff with temps around 29/30 most days. Thankfully, this is scheduled to continue. So, Summer has finally arrived!

Charlie and Rocky spend most of their time outdoors, as do we. Though, it must be said, we tend to guzzle much more vin rouge than the cats. Or the resident hound, Jack! Which is as it should be.

J has gone over to UK for a few days to see our daughter, LVP. She flew from La Rochelle to Bristol this afternoon and will be collected from the airport by LVP and then off to her new place outside Carmarthen. We were both over a few weeks ago helping her with the move. A very tiring and taxing time for all. Not helped by her car packing in with a seized alternator pulley half-way through the move!  Her new place is lovely, with a pub just along the road and fine views Southish:

And one of those Welshy roadsigns:

In the course of moving, lots of odd stuff turned up. Including these two bundles of CDs, one a CD/DVD double disc set of BeeGee music and the other a triple album pack. These came direct to LVP from Robin Gibb, who of course died recently. She has no interest in the music, so I now have them:

In addition we have these two odd items. The blue jumper is J's and was a gift from Robin Gibb:

The cardigan, however, was Barry Gibb's and, again, came from Robin. It weighs about a cwt and probably explains why he was never one for trying the Jaggeresque moves on-stage. Just lifting an arm while wearing it takes some effort! 'Tis a Ralph Lauren, hand-made woolly thing. Looks more suited for a Scandawegian winter than a hot, steamy TV studio or stage. I can imagine him wearing it for one of those cheesy, Xmas specials: tree sparkling in the background, logs crackling in the hearth, fake snow etc.  I'll certainly be using it in that way this Xmas.  Maybe we could have a BeeGee Karaoke evening, as we now have two thirds of their clobber hanging around.

I suppose there will be some ardent BeeGee fans who would covet these things and maybe that's what we'll end up doing with them - passing them on to some BeeGeeGeeks. If that's the right moniker.

The sale of the Swedish house is still lurching along slowly but looks likely to go ahead. It means another trip North to empty the place and move it all down here to France. But we'll wait till we complete on our purchase here otherwise we'd have to double-handle everything. Not a good idea.

We made it to the local vintage car race thingy in the nearby town of Bressuire a few weeks ago. 'Twas a fine event, with a fair number of Brit entrants, all of whom were made most welcome and their steeds much admired:

1934 Aston Martin Ulster (I think):

UK owned 1924 Delage:

A local 1933 Citroen:

Lovely 'Blower' MG:


1956 (one of my own favourite cars) Jaguar XK140:

And this superb Jaguar C-Type engine - pure power with beauty (in my eyes, anyway):

And these people race these priceless cars: you'd need BeeGee bucks to take that risk in my view!

And you can't have an event like this without the odd Alvis.  A make we once had a couple of back when we had income from law. Miss the cars and the income but not the law!:

A 'Graber' coupe:

A lovely 1932 12/50 TJ


  1. I bags the Aston Martin and the Alvis!

    1. Hi Jenny, The guy with the Aston was from near Guildford; the car had been in his family for 55 years, having been originally his father's car. It was a beauty and my own favourite car there. By chance, we met him (& the car) a few days later when we were heading for ferry to UK and he was returning home!

  2. Wales is now playing at Summer!! So you now have our wet stuff.

    We'll be at Tanerdy on the edge of Carmarthen a week today...hoping it will stay nice weather.

    1. Hi Gwynneth, keep your fingers and toes crossed. I'm told it's quite pleasant today with more of the same expected! Here we had rain in morning but back to decent this afternoon with more good weather on the horizon.