Monday, 30 July 2012

The Call of the Wild.....

Well, summer has finally arrived out here: way to hot for comfort most days. And nights. Well, that's something else entirely. Bleeding Mozzies whining and nibbling all night, driving us bonkers. Luckily, having lived in Sweden for so long, we have no shortage of Mozzie nets, so have now installed one here. Hopefully it will mean we can sleep with windows open and no fear of attack!

Friends from a neighbouring Alpujarran village, Yegen - the Gerald Brennan village South from Granada (Penguin Travel Library) - have pitched up about 60 Kms from us. They're running a small Gitey complex thingy, with a couple of pools and an acre or so of landscaped gardens. All very pleasant. So we visited them for a short stopover having just been to La Rochelle airport to drop off another elderly friend from our days in Brittany. John, a retired Cornish farmer, and his sadly now deceased wife, Dinah, lived in Brittany for about 12 years or so, before returning the UK. Now he's been at a loose end since Dinah's death. We managed to persuade him to come over for a break and , thankfully, all went well and he enjoyed himself. He even enjoyed the flight over,  accompanied by J who had again been over visiting our daughter, LVP near Carmarthen.

Now, we have acre upon acre of that old Froggo standard, Sunflowers. They seem to thrive and keep their peckers up even when sun is at a premium:

And while snapping the above, that most Froggo of Froggo cars came past: The old Deux CV:

Each day we are deafened by the sound of a high pitched, shrieking sound. It rends the air and peace of the village throughout the day. It is of course a couple of pairs of these beauties, residents of the village and useful guardians, no doubt:

And no matter what I did to attract its attention, it simply ignored me and refused to turn round until then, after its display had been viewed by its feathery fellows in the scrubby bit of wasteland that they call home:

Lovely though they are, they don't  half make a racket!

I'll close with a vid - if Chube let's me upload it, still having probs with it, I'm afraid - of an old buddy from Pittsburgh, PA. The best Gary Davis player, I know!:  Can't get to it, so here's the link. Good luck!:


  1. I've had such awful awful bites - just don't mention the things to me. My legs are still swollen all over as if I have stuck peas under my skin!

    1. 'Peas under the skin' just about says it all! They are extraordinarily irritating.
      Hate the bloody sods!